About Castle Maurick

Castle Maurick is a beautiful castle hidden in the wooded surroundings of Vught. We would like to welcome you within our castle walls! Would u like to know more about our beautiful castle, restaurant, brasserie and our passionate team? Then please read on.

Welcome to Castle Maurick!

A bit of history

Business associates Klaas van Leengoed en Niek van Lieverloo joined forces in 2015 to breathe new life into Castle Maurick.
Klaas has always seen the charme and potential that Castle Maurick has to offer.
And Niek had been dreaming of his own restaurant for years. During their meeting it turned out they shared their admiration for this special location.

In fall they reopened the castle doors.
From a la carte restaurant “Hendrik van Maurick”, Brasserie Catharina for a tasty lunch or a lovely high tea, up to rooms for a wonderful party, a romantic wedding or a business meeting.
At Castle Maurick we provide u with an unforgettable stay together with all of our team.
Our core values? Quality,stylish, artisanal and passion: we radiate this in everything we do.

A la carte restaurant

Hendrik van Maurick

Hendrik van Maurick’s kitchen is described as a boundless gastronomic voyage of discovery.

A world cuisine with wonder/surprise. Discover our culinary offerings and come enjoy lunch or dinner! Enjoy the (taste)experience of Hendrik van Maurick!

Opening hours

  • Sunday and Monday closed
  • Tuesday lunch from 12:00 & diner from 18:00
  • Wednesday lunch from 12:00 & diner from 18:00
  • Thursday lunch from 12:00 & diner from 18:00
  • Friday lunch from 12:00 & diner from 18:00
  • Saturday diner from 18:00
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Catharina van Maurick

At Brasserie ‘Catharina van Maurick’ you’re at the right address for a smoothie, coffee &cake, a tasty lunch or a lovely high tea!

Did u know that all the rooms at the castle are named after well known male occupants throughout the history of Castle Maurick? Except one!

Besides the knowledge that behind every successful man stands a strong woman, we can read in the history of Castle Maurick that a few woman were determinative when it comes to the progress and the right to excist of Castle Maurick.

A special reason to name our Brasserie after one of these important woman with many namesakes: ‘Catharina’. We welcome u wholeheartedly!

The Brasserie is opened daily from 10:00 till 16:00.


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Niek van Lieverloo

Patron/Chef de Cuisine

Besides co-owner Niek van Lieverloo is also the Chef.
His passion results in a world cuisine full of wonder with lovely innovative dishes. His involvement and detailed explanation with his creations give something extra to the taste experience at a la carte restaurant Hendrik van Maurick. Before his special collaboration with Klaas happened, Niek gained experience at toprestaurants like Zarzo, Treeswijk Hoeve, Amstel Hotel and Karpendonkse Hoeve. In 2012 he passed the Starclass education of the Guild of Dutch Masterchefs.

Klaas van Leengoed

General Manager

As co-owner Klaas van Leengoed fulfills the function of General Manager. Through his enthusiasm and eye for opportunities he knows how to connect the rich history of this special location with contemporary possibilities. Before he became co-owner, Klaas van Leengoed was connected as director/host to Landgoed Huize Bergen, Kloosterhotel Zin Vught and De Spreeuwelseheide. He build the foundation for all of this when he studied at the Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht, where he gained his knowledge and skills at operational management and hospitality.

Team Castle Maurick

Strong together!

Klaas and Niek place great value on the team. “If you form a good team together, you will be much stronger”. Enthusiasm and hospitality form a second nature for staff members at Castle Maurick. The extended team interacts very well together and has one goal: give the visitors an unforgettable experience.
Do you think that u are suitable for one of our job vacancies or would you like to do an open job application? Then we would love to hear from you. Our versatile team is always on the lookout for reinforcements!

Niek van Lieverloo We decided to seize this wonderful opportunity with both hands