Creative workshops and team building at Maurick Castle

Looking for an inspiring environment for a creative workshop or team building outing? Choose Maurick Castle in Vught!

Wide range of possibilities with tailor-made packages

Maurick Castle offers various business opportunities: from an intimate setting for a small group to a large business meeting . There is a tailor-made package for every group. View our workshops and creative team building activities on this page and request a quote without obligation. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful castle!

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Maurick Castle is located near the A2 motorday, hidden in nature. It is the perfect location for various inspiring business meetings such as a meeting, training, workshop or event. But you can also go to Maurick castle for a company party, company outing or a business lunch or dinner.
Workshops rondom ons kasteel

Workshop and team building activities

How nice is it to organize a team building day, company outing or a team outing with a whole group? At Maurick Castle there are various options when it comes to organizing a workshop. How about a canoe trip on the Dommel? Fencing in the castle garden or enjoying a delicious wine tasting in our wine cellar? Or are you more into sheep herding, dog mirroring or Solex riding ? You can even follow a drone flying workshop at Maurick Castle. You can extend the beautiful day with a delicious lunch, dinner or even a large company party. Our team is happy to help you organize your day!

Sheep herding workshop

Follow a sheep herding workshop at Maurick Castle! Sheep herding is a unique, fun and original team building activity where you can enjoy nature and the outdoors with a group.

Dog mirroring workshop

Another option is to follow the dog mirroring workshop. The dog mirroring workshop is an original leadership training. Dog mirroring is a special activity where you get the chance to gain insight into your own behavior.

Workshop drone flying or Virtual Reality workshop

A teambuilding outing flying a drone is very now .Drones can no longer be ignored in the technical world. During this workshop you can experience flying yourself.

During a virtual reality workshop you will imagine yourself in another world. Thanks to the frame-filling field of view and the motion sensors, it feels like you are really in the digital environment. This way you can look around, walk around and even interact with what is in the virtual world. Walk on a plank at a height of 100 meters, discover the ocean on a sunken ship, fight against aliens and zombies or start drawing in 3D. The possibilities are endless!

Workshop drone vliegen bij Kasteel Maurick
Haka workshop volgen

Haka workshop

Another possibility is to follow a Haka workshop at Maurick Castle. This workshop is especially for the business market. Be inspired by the ritual Haka battle dance and experience how fanatical and original colleagues are to shout out the strongest battle cry.

Wine tasting

When you are looking for a relaxed workshop that you can learn from, but can enjoy without having to make too much effort, then a wine tasting offers the solution. Enjoy a cozy and above all tasty wine tasting at Maurick Castle. This is the ideal way to strengthen the ties between colleagues. This outing can also be combined with a sabreage workshop .

During the tasting you will learn how to best drink wine, the differences between red, white and rosé and which wine is suitable for which dish. In short, a pleasant combination of learning and enjoying!

Not a wine person, but champagne pleases you more? Then opt for a champagne tasting provided by Maurick Castle.


Fencing workshop

A noble sport that you naturally learn to practice on an estate. Feel like a knight in glorious, bygone times where your honor was defended with the cross of swords.

Barista workshop

Have you always wanted to be able to make a good cup of coffee? Then this is your workshop! In the barista workshop you learn from a qualified barista how to make a professional cup of coffee.

During this fun workshop we playfully walk through the basic knowledge and teach you how to prepare a number of coffee variations yourself. This outing is educational and offers you the perfect opportunity to work together with colleagues in a relaxed way. In short, strengthen the bond between you and colleagues with strong coffee!

Barista workshop

Ice sculpture workshop

Want to do something completely different, to change your mind and get everyone on the same page? Then choose an ice sculpture workshop.

Let yourself be immersed in the culinary taste sensations prepared by our chefs before, during or after the business meeting, training or workshop. Whether for lunch, drinks or dinner: our kitchen knows how to surprise you with the beautiful works of art that you will be presented with.

Why you choose a workshop at Maurick Castle:

  • 220 free parking spaces
  • Modern facilities
  • Central location along the A2 motorway
  • Private dining
  • Breakout rooms
  • Space for 2 – 750 people
  • Accommodation options

Curious about the business options at Maurick Castle? Feel free to contact us via telephone number: + 31 (0) 73 204 80 28 or request a quote without obligation. We are happy to welcome you within our castle walls!

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